Tzu-Heng Lin

Tzu-Heng's Portrait 

Tzu-Heng Lin (林子恒 or 林子恆)

Founding AI Team Lead, StylingAI Inc. (, shenshangtech 深尚科技)
MSc, AI Innovation Center, Peking University

BEng, Electronic Engineering, Tsinghua University
BBA, School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University
Former Vice Chair, THU MakerSpace

Email: lzhbrian [AT] (preferred), lzhbrian [AT], linzh14 [AT] (no longer available)

Short Bio

I am currently the Founding AI Team Lead of StylingAI Inc. I have extensive practical research and engineering experience in a broad field of artificial intelligence algorithms, including Recommender Systems, Big Data Mining and Computer Vision (See my Google Scholar and Github). I have served as a reviewer for many conferences and journals. I also serve as a consultant for I am extremely enthusiastic about AI and Startups.

Research interests

Academic Service

  • Journal Reviewer: IEEE TCSVT (2019-2020), ACM IMWUT (2017-2019), IEEE TNSM (2017)

  • Conference External Reviewer: ACM SIGIR (2018-2019), ACM IMC (2018), AAAI ICWSM (2017-2018, 2020)


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